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Born and raised in France, I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pen. 

Already at an early age, I'd felt that, sometimes, words weren't enough to express what I felt and always tried to find a better way to "voice" my emotions. 

I studied languages and ended up living in the UK and in Japan for two years where people kept encouraging me to go on drawing. 
Back in France I worked teaching English and Japanese, as a night-watcher in a retirement home, an administrative assistant, and as a librarian in a comics shop. 
I'm now studying to work as a veterinary assistant while doing voluntary work in an animal shelter. 

I never stopped drawing but, while my main style is manga-inspired, I started to feel its limits to express the emotions bottled up inside me. 
That's how, one day, I decided to give complete freedom to my hand and let it draw on its own.

My first "doodle" turned out better than expected and seemed to have a shape and meaning of its own, so I kept on doodling every time I felt strong emotions. I loved the effect of these and started sharing them with my family who encouraged me to keep on drawing them.

Eventually I began mixing real-type drawing with my doodles and you can see the results on this blog.


Some of my drawings were used to illustrate Leslie Karen Hammond's self-published book "Women Rising".

An inspired book that helps women facing the challenges of their lives with spirituality and insight.

I highly recommend it to any woman wishing to achieve peace and balance.

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